Dear Jay, Thank you so much for the work you guys have done on my deck. I am recommending LHI to all of my friends.

Last year I have put my parent’s house in Rosemont up for sale. The deck was partially eaten by the wood bees. You couldn’t move a foot without seeing a hole. I thought I had to replace that 20 year old deck and that I was in way over my head. When my real estate agent looked at the property, he suggested I give LHI a call and see if maybe there is a way they can help. I was extremely pleased to hear that the deck could still look like new after LHI is done with it. I was told about all of the costs upfront and felt like the weight has practically lifted off my shoulders. It was a mere 1/20 of a price it would cost me to have the deck replaced. The workers have sprayed all the bees in their nests, dug’em out, filled and spackled all of the holes and cracks, power washed the deck to get rid of all the old peeling paint and a large dark spot from where my dad used to grill, replaced a few broken rails, screwed the wobbly ones to secure them better and stained it with 2 coats. I cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for making this process anything but complicated. Since, I have recommended Jay and his father to many of my friends and family who are also very pleased with the work these guys have done.