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LHI Painting is known as the premier luxury home painting company with a strong presence in many of the upscale counties’ neighborhoods. Our residential painters can excel at painting any home in Newtown Square. We are committed to delivering our promise and delivering fabulous results to every home we have a chance to work with. Whether it is trying to capture the history of the town in your home, or if it is the start of a new change, you are in good hands with our painters at LHI.

Over the last 20 years, LHI Painting has grown exponentially while building a great reputation and producing phenomenal results. Our commercial painters are the best in the business. Whether it is restaurants, garages, or church’s, our painters will master any given opportunity. All our painters are trained professionals, and we do not use sub-contractors for our jobs. Our painters attend educational courses each year to enhance their skills and to retain their same strengths. See Certifications and Association Memberships below for more information.

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Best Exterior House Painting Company in Newtown Square, PA

LHI Painting is the most referred painting and contractor service in Newtown Square, PA. New Homes and home additions are constantly being built with the increase in the economy. At LHI we provide high quality decorative painting, as well as installation of crown molding, baseboards and chair rails.  We provide the best painting service for any contract no matter the job. LHI has spent many years building a reputation in Newtown Square and with its residents. You can constantly see our trucks driving through town and providing hard work for the community helping small businesses. Many of our clients ask for the same services for their local business after seeing how professional our work is on their homes.

We have been providing a fair price and excellent painting service in Newtown Square for over a decade. We try to get to know our clients so we can work around any needs they have. LHI is focused on delivering clean, creative, professional, and on-budget solutions. We can accommodate you so you can have your dream home or business.

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Luxury Home Newtown Square, PA

When you decide to hire residential house painting services in Newtown Square, PA, you will want to find the right company. You can count on our professional exterior house painters in Newtown Square, PA to get the exterior of your home taken care of. You can even hire us when you need to have commercial painting done, and our contractors will provide the best services for you. There’s no doubt that we’re among the best companies around.

Choose the Right Exterior House Painting Company

When you need the exterior house painting to be done, you will want to know it will turn out well, and you need to avoid certain companies in Newtown Square, PA to be sure of that. You need to hire exterior painters in Villanova, PA who care about how they do the work. You need to pick the right exterior house painting company in Newtown Square, PA so you can trust that from start to finish, we will work hard. We are the professional exterior house painters who know how to do this kind of task and will make your house look amazing.

You Can Trust Our Residential Interior Painting

Our interior house painters in Newtown Square, PA have been doing this kind of painting for a while. We know what you want to have done in your house, and our residential painters in Wayne, PA get it done every time. We know how important the residential interior painting is to you because we know you care about your home. We will work hard to give you the best residential interior painting work so you can feel good about it.

Have Us Do Any Kind of Interior Painting

We don’t just work as interior house painters, but if you need to have commercial painting done and want us to do it, then hire us. We know interior painting in West Chester, PA better than a lot of companies, and we will work hard on getting it done well in your business. The paint will look great up on the walls when our interior painting services work on it. You will trust our interior painting services because of how long we have been doing this and how passionate our contractors are about getting a job done well.

We Are Here for All of Your Commercial Needs

If you need to hire contractors for your commercial painting needs in Newtown Square, PA, then look nowhere but to our company. We do great house painting in Ardmore, PA, and we also do great commercial painting in the area. We have been doing interior painting services for a while and know how to quickly get the paint on the walls. We do our interior painting services better than most in that we don’t leave a mess behind and we are always careful to make the work look professional. You will feel good about the contractor you hired in Newtown Square, PA when ours is the one you choose.

Hire Us Anytime You Want New Paint

If you want to use our residential house painting services because you are tired of seeing the worn-off paint on your home, then hire us. If you need to freshen the interior of the house, then hire our residential painters in Bryn Mawr, PA. We have all of the professional exterior house painters and interior house painters you need to give your house a complete transformation. Our services near Newtown Square, PA will make you feel proud of your house.

We Know How to Do Any Painting

No matter what kind of painting you need to have done, whether it is exterior house painting or commercial or residential interior painting, you can know that our services will take care of it. We are passionate painters in Newtown Square, PA, and you can count on our interior house painters in Chester Springs, PA and those who do every painting service that you need to have done, to meet your needs.

Go Ahead and Get the Painting Done

If you have debated exterior house painting or any kind of interior painting services, then have them done now. We are the professional exterior house painters you need, and we do great work as your interior house painters in Newtown Square, PA, as well. When you need to get the house looking right, hire our residential painting contractors in King of Prussia, PA. We will make sure that the residential house painting we do meets your needs, and that your house looks great because of what our interior house painters do there. Our residential house painting and commercial painting is what you need for every job.


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Interior Painting

Nothing adds more elegance to a home than color and design. Whatever your need, our professional interior services offer high quality decorative painting, as well as installation of crown molding, baseboards and chair rails.

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home takes a constant beating from weather elements. Whether you are looking to refresh your exterior, add a splash of new colors, or address areas that need attention, our LHI Painting professionals can help you through the process to better protect your home and achieve that ultimate curb appeal.

Commercial Painting

LHI Painting offers a wide range of commercial services delivered by highly skilled professionals that includes exterior painting, interior painting, power washing, and wallpaper removal and application. We get the job done with speed, quality, and precision, while meeting the needs of your schedule to minimize disruption to your business.


LHI Painting staining services are designed to beautify and protect your exterior deck, or interior doors and woodwork. Your interior and deck can be completely refreshed, repaired, or refinished with cleaning, repair and staining services.

Faux Finishes

LHI Painting faux finish services are delivered using a time-proven process of careful planning and design. Preparation is job number one, ensuring that your big reveal is everything you want it to be.

Drywall Repair

Scrapes, nicks, gouges, and nail holes in your wall are part of everyday life. We all want smooth, beautiful painted services to showcase our homes and businesses. LHI Painting offers experienced, dedicated crews to ensure a consistent, efficient, and clean delivery process on every drywall repair project – big or small.

Epoxy Garage Floors

Epoxy coating quickly made it one of the top choices for garage flooring today. This  beautiful, high end coating is used for both residential and commercial applications all over the world.

Paver & Stamped Concrete Refurbishing

We offer pressure washing and  completely remove all stains/mold from the service. If needed we will add the proper sand to fill in between pavers and remove any grass or weeds. Finally the seal coat is applied by spraying and back rolling.

Our pledge to you is that every project will be flawlessly completed to exceed your expectations and at the price we promised. That’s our family’s guarantee to you!
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Interior Painting West Chester, PA - Angies List Super Service Award, 2018
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