1. Picking out a paint color can be a very daunting task. There are seemingly limitless options to choose from, and there is a lot to know before you attempt to pick out the right paint color. Luckily there are five useful steps to ensure that your paint choice is the right choice for you and your home.

2. First off, you want to match the new color of paint to the color scheme that you already have. So, if you have a home with a white picket fence, you will want your exterior paint color to compliment it. You will also want to consider the colors of your roof, and any accent pieces such as shutters and trim around your windows and doors. Don’t forget other background color schemes such as flowers and trees that you may have as well as natural environment color schemes.

3. You will also want to consider the colors of your neighbors’ homes. You probably don’t want your home to stick out from the rest of the houses in the neighborhood. You want the colors of your home to blend in with the environment.

4. Some styles will have a color scheme that best compliments the area in which it was designed. In other words, a more modern home will look best with modern colors. An older home will look best with the classic colors of that time. If you are not sure which colors are popular for the timeline of your home, you can always do a little research to see what homes looked like back then.

5. Don’t overdo it. When it comes to the primary color of your home, it is typically best to stick with a lighter color scheme and keep the dark colors for the trim where it will not be too overpowering.

You may not be sure whether the paint color you choose will look good on your home, or you may be having a hard time deciding between a few different paint colors. It is a good idea to paint a couple of paint swatches on the side of your home and then stand back to see how it looks. This can give you a really good idea as to what the end result will look like without actually painting your entire house and then deciding that you don’t like it. It can be helpful to look at the colors of other homes. You can even research what the top colors of the year are for a trendy new paint color and our professionals will do the rest of the exterior home painting in Paoli, PA for you. Just don’t worry too much about whether or not other people will like it. The important thing is that you are happy with it. It is your home, after all.